Trivelles Manchester

The Property Supplier are proud to launch our latest investment opportunity in Trivelles Manchester. This is the perfect investment for any investor looking to purchase in Manchester as you are guaranteed up to 10 years rental income.

  • Located In Manchester
  • Prices From £83,000
  • Guaranteed 7% NET income for first 7 years & 8% NET returns for the next 3 years
  • 110% Buy Back Option
  • 999 Year Leasehold
  • Completes Q2 2018
  • 8 Days Free Stay A Year For All Investors

Why Invest In Trivelles Manchester?

Trivelles Manchester is the perfect investment opportunity for both experienced investors 1st time investors looking for a low entry high earning apartment.
With a 110% buy back option in place after 10 years and guaranteed rent for 10 years, this is the Brexit proof investment we have been waiting for.


7% NET Income Per Year Guaranteed For A 7 Year Period
8% NET Returns For The Next 3 Years.

Special Offers

12 Months Rental Paid in Advance
Rental protected by insurance
10 Yrs Rental Guarantee
8 Days Free Stay in Trivelles Manchester
2% profit paid on exchange deposit during refurbishment
Tenure: 999 Leasehold
Buy Back at 110% after 10 years


The Property Supplier

For more information on Trivelles Manchester please contact:

+44 (0)1494 416 196 (UK)


+852 53034685 (Hong Kong)

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